NANSEN Magazine is building a community of people living away from home, starting with Berlin.

Moving to Berlin, it can be hard to find your place at first. Our magazine aims to help you feel at home, by connecting with the stories of the newcomers who have gone before us.

If you’re new to Berlin, check out the first issue of our magazine, featuring a Turkish man who’s lived in Berlin for 50 years and wants to make your experience here much easier.

The expat community in Berlin is diverse and welcoming. If you’d like to meet other expats in Berlin, sign up to our Facebook page to hear about meet-ups and events, as well as the issues affecting newcomers in Berlin.

Our community includes people who call themselves expats, refugees, immigrants, newcomers or something else entirely: anyone who’s living their life away from home is one of us.

Get your copy of NANSEN Magazine Issue 01, learn more about your adopted city and start making yourself at home in Berlin.

NANSEN Magazine is published and edited by Vanessa Ellingham from New Zealand, with design and art direction by Eva Gonçalves from Portugal.