The “Pass This On” Starter Pack: NANSEN Magazine Issue 01 + German for Newcomers

The “Pass This On” Starter Pack: NANSEN Magazine Issue 01 + German for Newcomers


Just in time for Christmas, the “Pass This On” Starter Pack is the perfect gift for any newcomers to Germany.

For the special price of 15 EUR, the package includes:

  • the very useful and humorous language guide German for Newcomers, written by expats, immigrants, and refugees for their fellow newcomers, and

  • Issue 01 of NANSEN Magazine, which gets to know one migrant per issue, starting with Turkish-Berliner Aydin Akin.

The combined retail price for the two publications is usually 20 EUR, but you can purchase the "Pass This On" Starter Pack for the special price of 15 EUR until December 25. Available at and

The parcels will ship out from December 8. Shipping is 1,95 EUR within Germany or 4,30 EUR international.

German for Newcomers

German for Newcomers (2016-) is an alternative language course and teaching book made for newcomers in German-speaking countries and a related film series – both conceived as an art project and a teaching concept by artist Stine Marie Jacobsen.

Here expats, immigrants, and refugees improve their basic German language skills by collectively writing useful teaching material for themselves and others, inspired by their experiences with German culture, bureaucracy, and language.

Based on their information, needs and in collaboration with the participants, the artist has gathered the relevant content and language examples for teaching book, German for Newcomers, as well as a film series of self-written scenes, where the students enact the German language.

Imagine language classes in which people from all around the world bend the laws of German grammar, coming up with their own explanations for it and making fun of the authority that language demands from its speakers! Or a class where first of all attitude is requested and the peak of learning is when the teacher makes a mistake?

All proceeds from the book sale go to the German Social Streetwork in Berlin Gangway e.V.

NANSEN Magazine

NANSEN Magazine aims to connect and celebrate migrants of all kinds. We do this by getting to know one migrant per issue, honing in on the minutiae of lives lived away from home – moments all migrants can relate to, and many non-migrants will, too.

For us all, the word “migrant” conjures up a particular image. At NANSEN Magazine want to expand the way each of us see migrants and the way we, as migrants, see ourselves.

In Issue 01 we meet AYDIN AKIN. Since arriving in Berlin almost 50 years ago, AYDIN AKIN has been obsessed with improving the lives of the city's migrants.

If you live in Berlin or have visited sometime in the last 12 years, it’s likely you have seen him — he’s the man who rides a heavily adorned bicycle across the city every day, blowing on a whistle, pumping his arms and blasting the football chant Olé, Olé, Olé.

AYDIN has been here for nearly half a century now. But he reckons that for Berlin’s newcomers, the best is yet to come. And he’s fighting every day to try to get us there.


  • Willkommenskultur

  • A history of Turks in Germany

  • The reverse migration of German vocabulary

  • Activists, volunteers and do-gooders

  • Intergenerational migrant friendship

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